Digital Exposures - Kevin Moore

About Me


I have always had a keen interest in photography, it started at a very early age.


As a Soldier i was more involved in covert work, covering long range to infra red photography.

After leaving the forces i became a Certified Photographer in Bielefed Germany & spent most of my time within the studio or in the field  Industrial work.

Today I cover just about everything from Landscapes, nature, architecture and portraits, I also like to use the High Dynamic Range technique without going over the top. (as most do!) 

I am also interested in history and get involved in „Urban-Exploration“ -short „Urbex“, exploring and photographing forgotten architecture and places, whether it be industrial, ruins, military, secret, etc.


Now that photography has gone "digital" it allows me the freedom to capture fleeting moments in time. It has acted as the catalyst to learning the technical aspects of photography (the easy bit) and on composition, the "art of presentation", and the ability to see the final image (the difficult bit).


Visitors to this site often inquire as to which camera I use to capture my images. In short, it does not matter. The ability to capture and present an image to the viewer is much more important. Cameras are mere tools that assist in the process.
I hope you enjoy your visit to this site. I do try and update it regularly.

Comments can be left (and are always appreciated) in the Guest Book. Alternatively, you can email me using the Contact page.

I have intentionally not enabled any Watermarks to enhance the viewing experience. Please do not abuse this trust and respect my work. All images on this site are Copyright so please do not steal them for any use, personal or otherwise. If you are interested in purchasing a print or license for a particular photograph then please email me.