"take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints"

The definition of Urban Exploration may be different for every adherent, but most urban explorers call themselves modern historians, discoverers, archivers, documentarians, and architecture buffs. Some explore for simple aesthetic reasons because they find the crumbling edifices of society to be perfect artistic subjects. Others find a certain level of adventure and excitement in exploring off-limits areas or skirting the law to reach places that most people can’t see. Still others have a purely historical interest in a specific building or complex.

Whatever the reason, Urban Exploration is something that can be traced back hundreds of years, even back to 1793, when an oft-cited “explorer,” Parisian cataphile Philibert Aspairt, became famous for his untimely death in the Catacombs under Paris. To this day, the Paris Catacombs attracts a subculture that descends underground for regular socializing and fraternizing.

Abandoned Health resort

Psychiatric Clinic -

Psychiatrische Klinik Eichhof

Villa Schöningh & RailwayStation

Abandonned Technic Museum

Abandoned Rail Yard

PHOENIX WERK 2 - Old Steel Smelting Plant

Abandoned Ship Yard

The American Star - Ship Wreck

  More Photos soon!

Site's of former Cold War Installations

  • Hobart Barracks B.A.O.R

Disused Goods Station  -

Güterbahnhof Osnabrück

Railyard Ruin - Ringlokschuppen - Wilhelmsburg Hamburg

Maschen Marshalling Rail Yard - Maschen Rangierbahnhof

The Biggest in the World!

Not really an URBEX Location but there are lot's of unused Wagons!

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